Pacific Point

Long Beach, CA

Delta Pipeline was fortunate to be awarded the last phase of Sares Regis Group’s 4 industrial buildings by Millie and Severson in 2018. What started off as a clean 23-acre site which included 9,500 lf of wet utilities, 2,400 lf of detention system, 10,000 sf of Bioswale retention and 550 lf of trench drain ended up being a major challenge due to rain delays, late storm water approvals and wet utilities installing way later in the schedule after the buildings where up and significant offsite plan changes had occurred. Delta was now in somebody’s way, every place we turned. The job had to be phased out and micro scheduled. Delta employed multiple crews and overtime, along with help from the Millie team and their Superintendent, to meet the deadlines for the project opening.

Project Details

  • Client:Millie & Severson
  • Services:Storm Drain, Sewer, Water
  • Project Size:$1.9 million
  • Completion Date:2020
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