Connecting pipe.  Connecting people.


Sewer is a vital part of any dwelling place — it’s the kind of work you want done right the first time around. We install safe, productive, functioning sewer systems of all types and sizes for sewer main gravity flow, lift stations, force mains, grease interceptors and septic tanks.


Water is critical to all types of infrastructure and we bring this precious resource through many different types and sizes of pipe and systems. Water main construction, water services, domestic and reclaimed water are just a few ways Delta helps move water where it’s needed.

Underground Fire

Water is used to protect people and buildings from the dangers of fire. Delta installs all types and sizes of fire systems up to the building including connection in the street, fire hydrants onsite and indoor sprinkler systems, all ensuring safety for people, buildings and their contents.

Storm Drain

At Delta, we’re experts in managing storm water. Whether you’re looking for drainage, retention, concrete structures or filtration, we’ve got you covered. We install many types of storm drain systems including designs that have led to LEED Platinum certification.


Gas lines are another form of wet utilities, with the flammable substance being delivered to the building for safe and efficient heating to stay warm, cooking our food, drawing a soothing bath, washing our clothes etc. When required, we can help with getting gas to the building.

Dry Utilities

Laying pipe isn’t all about wet utilities. Dry utilities also involve conduit to house and protect a wide variety of cable that every building requires. From electric power to telecom and fiber. Delta can help get your conduit stacked and installed.

Utility Investigation

Our work begins long before the first pipe is laid. Our utility investigations can help determine the location of water, sewer, electric and other utilities. We identify underground utility locations before construction begins to avoid costly conflicts during construction.

Utility Adjustments

We know that progress requires change. And sometimes that means removing, relocating or adjusting existing utilities to make way for the future. Many utilities may need to be adjusted up or down due to new improvements.

Pre-Construction, Budgeting & Value Engineering

If it's pipe related, we can handle it. We cover every step of a project including pre-construction, planning, scheduling, budgeting and value engineering to ensure that our partnership develops into a mutually profitable, long-term relationship.

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