Connecting pipe.  Connecting people.


Whether you’re part of field operations or in the office, our new hire orientation is an 11-week, hands-on program designed to teach, mentor and develop future generations. Some departmental topics include OSHA standards, accurate bids, take offs, cost accounting and more.

Get Your Delta Colors

After successful completion of our orientation program, it’s time to surrender that mundane white hard hat for our vibrant red Delta gear! This celebration symbolizes your dedication has paid off and the path towards a meaningful and fulfilling career at Delta has begun.

Delta Pipeline University

DPU is an accelerated learning program which requires commitment and dedication to both classroom and home study. Want to learn how to install a fire hydrant? Our DPU curriculum includes how to read blueprints, basic math principles, estimating, project management and more. Most importantly, the leadership segment is life-changing and will guide you towards your true leadership potential.

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