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Fast Facts

Delta Pipeline is proud to be a successful employee-owned company since 2017. The Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) allows employee-owners to share in the growth and prosperity of our company.

Q1 – What does it mean to be an employee owner?
You have the responsibility to work hard and work together, which contributes directly to the Company’s success and your retirement benefits.

Q2 – What does it cost me to become an employee owner?
Nothing financially. Your commitment and hard work is your contribution.

More Fast Facts

Q3 – How do my actions affect the stock value?
When employee-owners work safely and efficiently, the Company is more successful which will help grow the value of your ESOP account balance.

Q4 – What determines how many shares you receive each year?
Your allocated shares are based on your compensation. The more you earn, the more shares you receive.

Q5 – How do I earn more shares?
Work hard, grow in your position, take on more responsibility and be promoted.

Mission Statement

Delta Pipeline is a Platform For Success

We Honor our Shareholders, Trade Partners, and Clients


We appreciate and respect trustworthy, long-term, mutually profitable relationships


We operate our business with passion, purpose, and integrity


We actively engage people to learn, grow and make a difference