Manhattan Village

Manhattan Beach, CA

The Manhattan Village Mall (across the street from The Point) on Sepulveda and El Segundo Blvds. is a high-end, indoor mall that is being renovated to add more parking structures, additional retail, restaurants and shared outdoor activity space. The multi-phase project was awarded to Delta Pipeline by W.E. O’Neil back in August 2017 with a 3 year plus construction schedule. Delta’s crews have been on the job practically every day since the start of the project in 2017 and actually are on site today, as of the time of this writing. The renovation for Manhattan Village includes 9,000 lf of wet utilities with 460 lf of 120” Cistern system for rainwater harvesting to support the mall’s lavish landscape. This work was made extremely difficult due to a multi-phase/layered schedule, where all the existing utilities had to be located, removed and relocated, all while protecting the public and pedestrians as the entire mall was kept open during construction. The long-standing mall has had more than a face lift! Delta is honored to be partnering in this extensive renovation with W.E. O’Neil, which now boasts a classy, full-blown make over! Check it out, it’s worth the visit.

Project Details

  • Client:W.E. O'Neil
  • Services:Storm Drain, Sewer, Fire, Water
  • Project Size:$4.1 million
  • Completion Date:In Progress
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