The Power of Persistence

In 1991, Delta Pipeline started in a garage with just 7 people. Craig Danley and Richard Vance buckled down, gritted their teeth through thick and thin, to accomplish the success they share today. It wasn’t an easy journey, and it’s one that’s still ongoing. Despite that, Delta credits most of their accomplishments to persistence and focusing on the bigger picture. Hard work is one thing but having the perseverance to deliver long-term on their meaningful mission, is a whole other ball game. For them, the big picture has always been their end game, and they want every team member to live that philosophy.

Delta’s humble beginnings, in that fateful garage, taught them a whole lot about giving and receiving chances. They believe in lending a leg-up to people. In some cases, second chances are even more important than the first. They’re looking not only for skilled people with core values but individuals that could use some help. In return, Delta simply asks that they are committed to learning, growing and making a difference. Justin and Keith are two team members who kindly shared their stories about how the Delta Pipeline gave them a second chance and the tools to start new chapters in their lives.

Benefits that Change Your Life

Justin first heard about Delta Pipeline through a friend who suggested he apply with the company. At the time, Justin was in-between homes or on the street. After applying, he was called in for an interview and a couple of days later, Justin was hired and began his career as a Pipelayer Helper. After graduating from Delta Pipeline University and completing 18 months of service, Justin received his first profit-sharing check which he spent on a new car. The purchase was practical, but also a symbolic gesture for the positive changes in his life. He felt like he was reclaiming himself and the car finally enabled him to go back and forth to his family. Justin proclaims, “Once I got my car, I could go home to my family, so everything was good. Really good.”

Justin has been with Delta for almost three years now. In his first year and a half, he was promoted to Pipelayer 2. Today, he carries the well sought after, Pipelayer 1 title! Justin credits his career success to Delta Pipeline University, Delta’s in-house training program, which has given him hands-on experience while on the job. Justin appreciates all of Delta’s generous benefits which have helped him forge a new chapter in his life. “Profit sharing has made a really big difference in my life. I know it’s good for my future,” he said.

We asked Justin what he attributes his successful career path to thus far. He says the answer is simple. It has a lot to do with hard work, persistence, focus, and discipline. According to Justin, “Show up on time, give it 110% every day and you’ll get noticed. Try to learn as much as you can.”

Home is Where the Heart Is

Keith has been with Delta Pipeline for more than 4 months now as a Pipelayer Helper. He first heard about the company while in a rehabilitation program. Representatives from Delta Pipeline came to the facility, located in Long Beach, California, to discuss their business and belief in second chance opportunities. Keith was attracted to their frankness and was also drawn to how the company appeared to really care about their team members. He remembers their message well, “We’re interested in hiring people who want to work hard and go somewhere.” Those words really resonated with him. He was ready and eager to commit to an opportunity for a new future.

Jobs had been intermittent for Keith throughout the past decade. On and off, he had been homeless during some of that time. The opportunity at Delta seemed like a calling, so he applied and got hired. The rest is history. Keith considers himself blessed. He’s happy to be working towards something greater than just a company’s success. “Just to know they really care. They train you and you know that we’re all here for each other. It’s a good feeling.”

We asked Keith what kind of person would fit in well at Delta. Keith confidently replied, “You’ve gotta be willing to be quick on your feet. If you work hard and you’re open to learning, you’ll get recognized. Your heart needs to be in it.” Keith is happy where he is now. He finally feels like he’s home, working towards something bigger and with people who appreciate him. “This is my home. I’m not going anywhere. I have nothing but opportunities for growth here, something I’ve been waiting for.”

It’s Not About Where You’ve Been, It’s About Where You’re Headed

Origin stories help make us into who we’ve become—but don’t get us wrong. You’re not necessarily what your past makes you out to be. After all, we’re all meant to grow beyond where we’ve come from.

Delta Pipeline is more interested in what the future holds. Even when they were a small business struggling to make ends meet, they’ve always looked towards the horizon. Breaking down barriers and exceeding expectations is a part of Delta’s larger philosophy. The big picture is what holds their attention and they want to share it. They’re not worried about where you’ve come from, but rather the opportunity for a bright future to step into. If you have the work ethic and the inclination for a job in construction, they’re all ears. They don’t just hand out jobs—they offer opportunities for long-term growth and success. Most of all, they want to empower you to be the best you can be.