Damon Danley

Executive Shareholder
[email protected]

Damon started his working career in 1985 after graduating from high school at Pinetop-Lakeside High School in AZ. He joined his oldest brother Craig working in the underground wet utility industry where he fast tracked his knowledge of project management and people development. He started as a laborer and within a year and a half, he was managing a crew and assigned his first project as a Foreman.

In 1991, Damon played an important role as a foundational asset in the start-up of Delta Pipeline, Inc. By 1995, he had gained tremendous field expertise and leadership skills which led to his promotion as Superintendent, managing multiple projects and Foremen. In 2013, Damon ultimately became the General Superintendent, overseeing all field operations. Damon’s dedication, determination and passionate attributes have been essential in the development of field operations, client, and trade partner relationships. He has played a key role in the development of the Delta Pipeline University (DPU) training curriculum and instruction.

Damon’s strengths of Responsibility, Maximizer and Belief have molded his core values and stimulated both personal and team member career advancement. His loyalty and commitment have been an asset, as well as a steady force in developing his own career and those he works with. Damon truly enjoys his work, sports, friendships and is an avid golfer. He is the proud father of 2 adult children, Taylor, and Emily, and simply adores his only grandson, Niiles.

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